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Hi I'm Sarah Devine or Sebby if you prefer. 
I was the kid who saw magic in everything, taking her mums best talc and moisturiser to mix in the garden with petals and water and call it a magic potion, collects crystals and rocks, hugs trees dances with fairies and talked to the angels... I haven't changed a bit!

I've always had a passion to help, heal and make people realise their magical potential. So this year after life experience, lots of growth, learning, teaching and having my gorgeous baby boy I decided to make it my main focus working on a job that will help me meet more beautiful souls and joy.

I have thirty years of crystal knowledge to share. Nearly 20 years of teaching experience in all age groups. As well as over a decade of experience in mediumship, make-up, therapies and Reiki healing as a Reiki Master and Teacher.

If that wasn't enough I have a degree in fine art and teaching, make jewellery and crystal trolls and art pieces for oracle cards and commission pieces.

If you want to know anything else by all means just ask me!

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To empower, educate, nurture and heal

Whatever money investment you make through my business. Whether its crystals, therapies, workshops or art; my heart, soul and healing goes into it. 
I pride myself on my personal touch, my nurturing personality and my ability to see someone's sparkle and empower them. 
I strive to keep our world full of love and kindness so wellbeing will always be a focal point of what I do. I will always support my customers and clients to help them find themselves and be a healing understanding support during our time together.
I cannot empower and nurture without thinking about our Mother Earth! I responsibly source all of my products and recycle where possible to make sure I am environmentally friendly and ethical.

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Insta: @devinehealing_seb

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